A new and different versatile voice which has the ability to be conversational, authoritative, warm, caring, believable, considerate which projects authenticity that the microphone loves, and can easily become excited or include a multitude of character voices if the part calls for it, stemming from a diverse background, including real world corporate and entrepreneurial business experience. Call me at 972-436-3045, email me at voice@russdewolfevo.com or use social media below:

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Russ DeWolfe "voice actor extraordinaire"

Russ DeWolfe, as you can see above is scared of the camera and therefore became a voice actor. He comes from a diverse background of travel and information technology where he has learned about people, what makes them happy, and how to operate all kinds of software. Which are skills that have easily translated in to his VO work as you can hear in my awesome demos above. 

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